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Sometimes you need a little Photoshop help to add a sky; fix blown highlights or wonky colors; remove eyeglass glare; swap heads; remove awful shadows or smudges; add or move subjects; take out unwanted people or objects; take off those braces a few years early or help make someone look a little younger, thinner or brighter. Or all of the above!
First image by Susan Whiting, Susan Whiting Photography, second image by Marcia Gold,
third image by Cindy Fandl, Fandl Photography

Family * Children * Boudoir * Wedding

Sometimes it just isn't practical for you to spend hours retouching a portrait, boudoir shot or restoring an old client photo. And it's really important to do a pixel-by-pixel retouch in these cases--our specialty. Just add at least our cost onto your price and you will make money without getting stressed out!
Minimum Order: $100

We'll even set up a private FTP upload site for you.
You will need to download FileZilla first (it's free)
Email us at
or call (United States, California) 310-377-0215

See also "SENDING AND RECEIVING" if you need to send something NOW!!


$70 per hour--minimum one hour charge: I work fast, so I can usually get your image rescued in less than an hour. I will give you a quote in advance.


$30 per image: Complete beauty retouch--smoothing skin, removing eye bags & blemishes (unless it's a trademark mole or something); whitening teeth; removing stray hairs, removing dust spots in image. Minor weight reduction if desired.

$50 per image: All of the above plus fixing of crooked, small or black teeth; head swapping, adding or subtracting one person; fixing crooked eyes, cleaning up the background. Major weight reduction if desired.

$100 per image: All of the above plus eyeglass glare removal and/or changing the background (does your client want people to think they went to Tahiti?) and/or heavy-duty digital plastic surgery--making people thinner, younger
and/or super-glamorous.

$150-300 per image: Multiple addition or removal of subjects; finish or removal work on background; removal of braces or other unwanted appliances! Ask for a quote.


$100 per image: Minor or no damage: Photo is in fairly good shape but requires scratch removal (not on subject face), color adjustment or colorization
$175 per image: Medium Damage: All of the above plus repair of torn photo, scratches on subject face; change of background; addition or deletion of anyone in photo
$250+ per image: Heavy damage: All of the above plus repair of extensive damage to the entire photo; large spots, scratches. Estimate required for exact price.

The Ring of Kerry, Ireland before and after Image by Marcia Gold

Fields of trees and brush were removed; sheep were added! The light was changed from dark cloud shadows to a sunny day; and miscellaneous boats, islands and telephone poles were removed. We even finished building the house and took away all the construction materials.

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