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You send the photos...we'll do the rest!

Whether you are a professional photographer, or a hobbyist...or just someone who's trying to get some nice family photos all fixed up, I'm here for you! I can restore and even colorize old photos. I can retouch family and wedding images (with the photographer's permission of course) to make sure the right people are in that favorite image! And if you're a pro--I know you'd rather be shooting than sitting in front of your computer, right? Well, I'm the opposite. I'd rather be Lightrooming and Photoshopping
than anything else! So let me do all that drudge work for you.

As an award-winning wedding and landscape photographer,
I know what looks good and what sells.

I'll take all your shots from a wedding, boudoir, portrait, family or senior session;
bar or bat mitzvah--whatever.  I will process the shots to any degree you want--
from basic white balance and color correction to cropping,
shadow & highlight recovery; and all kinds of beautiful special effects.

One specialty is retouching of portraits and boudoir--I do great work on faces and bodies. I'll make your shots so pretty your clients will love them!  I will give you as many finals as you want for online proofing.

If you wish, I will also select 100-150 great shots that tell the story for the album.
There are a couple of talented and reasonable album designers I can refer you to.

I can also rescue those images that you REALLY needed but are blown out. I can remove eyeglass glare...take out people or things...fix color... I am here to help.

Capture the moment and tell a story..
I will enhance the moment and spotlight the story

Give me a call at 310-377-0215
or email marcia@marciagold.com
and find out what I can do for you

Photography website: http://marciagoldphoto.com/
SmugMug: http://marciagold.smugmug.com/
Lightroom Workflow brushes:
Twitter: @LightningFastLR

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